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Artificial Intelligence

Singapore is producing a high density of AI talents in the world right now. The next big goal is to inject human-like traits such as curiosity and empathy into AI.

Successful AI research and development work requires a deep understanding of other disciplines such as IT, Neuroscience, Psychology, Ethics, Law and Business. Interdisciplinary nature of AI.

Complex when tackling real-world problems.

Co-creation of knowledge is the nest wave of education. Close research and development collaborations with many companies.

AI is a subject we can discuss for 365 days a year!

Blockchain Technology

The words Blockchain and Bitcoin are interchangeable. But the truth is that Bitcoin is only one of the many applications of Blockchain Technology which has the potential to revolutionize many sectors of the world economy. In its most basic form, a Blockchain is simply a decentralized ledger that is validated and secured by a network of peer-to-peer nodes. This model has a lot of benefits as it is resistant to censorship because of being decentralized. Therefore, the Blockchain protocol has sometimes been referred to as the trust protocol of the internet.

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XENtrepreneurship Programme

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XENtrepreneurship Programme

Do you have a dream to be part of the revolutionizing technological era? Have you ever thought of how you can have a role in digital business? Well, look no further! Massive Wisdom Group got you covered with our XENtrepreneurship programme! Our XENtrepreneurship programme will help you build up your business with minimal capital as well as bring you to greater heights! We believe that technology is a rising trend in business and as businesses grow rapidly with technology, you can effortlessly bring yourself into the field of owning a technological business with the right direction and guidance. By fostering innovation and engaging in trending technological product trends, this XENtrepreneurship programme will be the first step to achieving your dream.

Mentorship Programme

Do you have passion for teamwork, technology writing, programming, technopreneurship, IT business, digital marketing, cyber security, online sales and working in a start-up environment?

If you’re someone who loves to do research and expresses yourself through contributing to technologies, then you’ll love this project role.

We’re on a mission to help people transform their businesses with technologies. And we believe that one of the best ways to do that is through education – transferring of knowledge, expertise and experience to our mentees.


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Thomas Tan

MWG provides you with the latest technology knowledge as well as a platform for you to earn extra income. Also, it's an efficient and affordable place to enhance your IT knowledge.

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CC Lam

I am very pleased with Massive Wisdom Group Pte Ltd referring me to CyberForSec Pte Ltd for SMART solutions. Speaking with the customer team online helped us get what we were exactly looking for. It's one of the most notable and trustworthy consulting firms in ASIA that I've come across. Thank you once again.

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Hong Da Siang

Awesome leadership and excellent coaches to transform companies with agile strategies! MWG is the best training provider I've ever been to in Asia. Thanks a lot of transforming our teams and bringing us to the next level!

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