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Unlock Your Leadership Potential with

MWG Global Leadership Program (MGLP)

Overview: Massive Wisdom Group (MWG), in collaboration with Aventis-University of Roehampton (UK), proudly presents an innovative and comprehensive Industry Leadership Program tailored specifically for selected 80 MWG Chinese students each quarter. This distinctive initiative seamlessly integrates transformative industry MWG Global Leadership Practices with Aventis Graduate School Academic curriculum from Roehampton University, crafting a unique and impactful educational journey.

Why Make A Difference WITH MWG Leadership Program

Key Features

  • Customized MWG Curriculum: A curriculum blending MWG Global Leadership Program (MGLP) with Aventis-University of Roehampton's Academic Program, ensuring a holistic and tailored educational experience. Inclusion of specialized modules in leadership, project management, and critical soft skills.

  • Language Support: Language support services to bridge communication gaps and ensure a seamless learning experience for Chinese participants.

  • Technological Leadership Course with NTU Certification: Integration of a three half-days Technological Leadership course in collaboration with NTU, offering insights into leveraging technology for strategic leadership.

  • Industry Immersion in Singapore: Industry visits in Singapore for firsthand exposure to regional business practices and challenges.

  • MWG Alumni Practical Project: Collaboration with MWG alumni on a practical project, providing opportunities to apply knowledge in real-world scenarios and expand professional networks.


    8 Major Capabilities That You Will Get

    Holistic Leadership Skills

    Project Management Expertise

    Critical Soft Skills Mastery

    Strategic Marketing Knowledge

    Sustainable Business Strategy

    Technological Leadership

    Financial Proficiency

    Stratefic HR Business Management




    🚀 Ready to transform your career? Discover the practitioner's path to success! 🌟 Learn how to achieve tangible results for yourself in the practitioner way, and say goodbye to the endless pursuit of paper certifications. 🚫 Stop chasing after just credentials and start gaining hands-on, practical expertise that makes a real impact. 🔥 Join us on the journey to real-world mastery – where results speak louder than certificates! 💼 Are you ready to elevate your skills and stand out in your field? Let's make it happen together!

    Each module was crafted in a way that’s easy to understand regardless of your experience, and to get you results as fast as possible.



    Program Structure

    Stage 1: Leadership

    Leadership and Management Module:

    Foundational principles of effective leadership and management, emphasizing strategic thinking, decision-making, and team leadership.

    Project Management Module:

    Comprehensive training in project management methodologies, tools, and techniques to enhance students' ability to plan and execute successful projects.

    Critical Soft Skills:

    Development of critical soft skills, including communication, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and adaptability—crucial for effective leadership in diverse global environments.

    Stage 2: MBA Modules

    Leadership & Change Management:

    Engage in advanced studies of leadership theories and strategies for leading organizational change.

    Strategic Marketing:

    In-depth exploration of strategic marketing concepts and techniques for building and sustaining competitive advantage.

    Project Management:

    Building on the Stage 1 module, a deeper dive into advanced project management practices and methodologies.

    Sustainable Business Strategy:

    Examination of sustainable business practices and strategies for integrating environmental and social considerations into organizational decision-making.

    HR Business Partnering:

    Focus on the strategic role of Human Resources in organizational success, emphasizing HR's role as a business partner.

    Financial Performance Management:

    Analysis and interpretation of financial data for effective decision-making and performance evaluation.

    Business Research Methods:

    Development of research skills to critically evaluate and apply business research in practical settings.

    Consultancy Project:

    Practical application of MBA knowledge through a consultancy project, addressing real-world business challenges.


    In-depth research on a chosen topic, allowing students to contribute to the academic and practical understanding of a specific business area.

    Stage 3: Industry

    Industry Visits in Singapore:

    Immersive experiences through visits to key industries in Singapore, providing insights into regional business practices and challenges.

    MWG Technological Leadership Three Half-Days Course (Certification from NTU):

    A specialized three half-days course in Technological Leadership, in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This course will explore the intersection of technology and leadership, providing participants with insights into leveraging technology for strategic leadership.

    MWG Alumni Practical Project:

    Collaboration with MWG alumni on a practical project, providing opportunities to apply knowledge in a real-world setting and expand professional networks.



  • MGLP Certification: Recognizing completion of the Leadership and Management, Project Management, and Critical Soft Skills modules.

  • MBA: Awarded upon successful completion of all MBA modules, consultancy project, and dissertation.

  • MWG Technological Leadership Certification (from NTU): Granted upon successful completion of the specialized one-day Technological Leadership course.

  • Industry Certification: Granted upon successful completion of the Industry stage, including industry visits and MWG Alumni Practical Project.

  • Duration: Estimated 15 Months.

  • Program Fees:  *Please Check With Your Local MWG Representative.

  • This collaborative initiative between Massive Wisdom Group and Aventis-University of Roehampton is designed to provide a unique and impactful educational experience, preparing MWG Chinese students for success in the global business arena through a holistic blend of academic rigor, industry exposure, and cutting-edge leadership training.


    Why The MWG-Aventis Advantage?

    Strategic Support from MWG, Aventis, CyberForSec and AI Vision Fund

    Multi-Award Winning

    Overwhelming Accreditations

    Over 60,000 learners from 35 countries.

    The Massive Wisdom Group Global Leadership Program

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