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When Culture Plays a Part – A Strong Factor in Cyber Security Strategy

When Culture Plays a Part – A Strong Factor in Cyber Security Strategy


As we leap into a digital age where technology is prevalent in our lives, we tend to be inseparable with our digital devices. The devices we own such as our smart phones, smart watches as well computers and tablet all contain part of our lives in it. Confidential information such as our payment credentials like credit card number as well as address, to our social media where we contact our friends or business partners.
So, with all these interactions with technology, our data is constantly being used online on our devices which is why we need to secure our information with cyber security. The cyber security scene has always been updating itself with the latest technologies to prevent cybercrime from occurring yet there will always be one factor that cyber security is not able to have control over, the culture of the users.

Why culture?

While technology has become part of our lives, we can address cyber security issues with advance technology however cyber security firms realised that despite having constantly upgrading their technology, it is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin lies in the users as most cyber security breaches are caused by human error. The fact that the safest network securities can still be penetrated if a careless user clicks on a malicious link or used a thumb drive with unknown origins may cause the whole defence system to crumble.
Unfortunately, the strongest technical solutions in the world cannot secure and protect an IT infrastructure alone. Referencing to military, even with the strongest weapons in place, it would take trained soldiers to harness the power of the weapons, as the same for individuals to be trained in cyber security awareness as to protect any information from leaking.

Building up culture

Cybersecurity culture in general is to promote safe cybersecurity practices that integrates seamlessly into the culture be it at work or at home. It is making sure that everyone is aware of cybersecurity threats while correcting the wrong behaviours according to a cyber security protocol to mitigate potential threats.
By understanding attacks, promoting better password awareness & management as well as the basics of encryption are all things everyone should be educated about. On an enterprise level, a company would want the employees to make better choices in their actions regarding cyber security.
These skills are not only essential at work but outside as well as people should consider cyber security with the same importance as they do with road safety: an important practical information in keeping ourselves safe.

Learning Points

Now that we know that it is important to be cyber security aware, here are some of the pointers that you should take note of to improve your cyber awareness. Here are some ways we can help promote a safer environment for everyone to be culturally ready:
  1. Training
    With the technologies in place for adapting to the latest cyber security trends and threats, we will need training to be carried out as to ensure that the people with the technology understands the threats in order to utilize the technology implemented to it’s maximum. Therefore, with the right training we will be able to harness the power of the technology implemented.
  2. Awareness
    As humans are the weakest link to cyber security, there must be a need to train and raise awareness in people to be able to adapt to every growing cyber threats. Awareness is as important as is having the right security technology. This should be a collective effort in protecting confidential information where we bring in the perks from technologies as well as the correct mindset from the people. Uniting both fronts to become a pillar of strength to cyber security awareness.
  3. Establishing a community
    By establishing a community, people are banded together to learn and to improve together while also being able to do peer to peer checks, such community should aim to provide a place for everyone to have their queries answered. By having the community spirit to promote safe practices and provide help to others, we can spread the word of a safe cyber security culture where everyone knows that they play a part in keeping their own data safe.


It is true that in many cases, human error is the top cause of cyber-attacks, especially when hackers use social engineering techniques to fabricate lies such as creating fake websites or phishing emails to lure victims into their trap, we should focus on ways that we can make sure that the culture of a smart cycler security mindset is in place to do the heavy lifting and by combining it with the current technology in place, to create a force so powerful that we will not falter in the face of cyber threats.
Enjoyed this article? Curious to find out how you can better protect your organization, data systems and critical accounts in the event of a cyber attack? Contact us now for an in-depth consultation to obtain cyber security measures best tailored for your needs. MWG team will work with your employees, train them in cyber security awareness and guide them in adopting the appropriate cyber security skills in their work processes.

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