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The Future of Cyber Forensics + Cyber Security Combined

The Future of Cyber Forensics + Cyber Security Combined

Cyber Forensics may quite a new area to many IT professionals, but Cyber a.k.a IT is not new, neither is Forensics – both are well established practices. In a computer system, Forensic Investigation (F.I) is a practice to establishing the evidence and facts to be presented in court. It may involve in complex web and layers of systems and therefore Cybercrime Forensic investigation is a complicated science with its own history, implications and of course, future.

According to Computer.org, “Modern forensics methods cover three main areas: stored data and filesystem analysis, network forensics, and reverse engineering, which involves inspecting malware samples, traces, network traffic, and log files.”

The demand for well trained and experienced Cyber Forensics + Cyber Security professionals is been on a fairly consistent rise. We shall see how much we are contributing to the world in time to come 🙂

Interested in the area of Digital Forensic Investigations, Cyber Security Advisory, Penetration Testing. Security Audit? Send me a message 🙂

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