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Set a Life Path Plan, Not a New Year’s Resolution…again

Set a Life Path Plan, Not a New Year’s Resolution…again

It’s the New Year period! I am reviewing my Mentor Life Path Plan and I am sure many of you are doing your New Year’s Resolution (or still trying to find a time to do it). What’s a Mentor Life Path Plan (MLPP) you may ask?

A decade ago, I would always set New Year’s Resolution on every New Year’s Eve. For years that I followed through the resolutions, roughly 40 to 50% of the goals are met at the end of each year…sometimes higher when other causes-and-effects played a part. In-between, there were also a couple of years when I got too excited on setting New Year’s Resolutions and forgot about them the next day when I was ‘pulled’ away to other commitments from work, family, and other things you can name. Those were the years when only 20 to 30% of resolution targets could be met at best. What about yours?

5 years ago, I re-did my personal SWOT-PESTLE and concluded that the world is changing too fast for most people’s New Year’s Resolution to even catch up. And this is especially true if you have BHAGs.

So, what is a better way? You may not agree but I stopped setting New Year’s Resolutions since then and came out with something simpler that works just fine for me with an average of 50 to 65% hit-rate. It’s call the Mentor Life Path Plan (MLPP): ‘Mentor’ is my nickname; Life Path Plan is a blueprint with a sense of long term direction – a ‘guiding post’ to make sure you are not heading towards an opposite direction or a direction that does not bring value to you in your terms.

3 Benefits of a Mentor Life Path Plan (MLPP):

1. It’s longer term. Higher Hit-Rate over a few years. Presumably, New Year’s Resolution should only last a year by general definitions.

2. Getter VOI. Ok, ROI included – a greater meaning out of life!

3. Provides an over-sight for any New Year Resolutions. And you only need to build it once and do yearly CPI (Continual Plan Improvement).

HOW then? the MLPP comes in 5 simple steps.

1. Start with a baseline check of your current situation.

2. Answer the question: Where you want to be eventually.

3. Find out ways to get there.

4. Check what help you can get and give.

5. Validate it with your personal coach.

Try it and let me know if it works for you too!


* Mentor Life Path Plan is a Life Path Plan, not a Life Plan. They are different. If you want to know more about the differences, let me know and it can go into my MLPP’s pipeline.

* CPI stands for Continual Plan Improvement, a term I use to kid myself when things break once a while.

* BHAGs means Big Hairy Audacious Goals. It’s becoming a common term goal setters use. Why ‘Hairy’? I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me…

* VOI stands for Value-on-Investment. I can talk a day about it, so will not include the illustration for VOI here. If you want to know more about my views on VOI, let me know and it can go into my MLPP’s pipeline (a long pipeline indeed).

Ok, Happy New Year!

Wee Wah Lam 蓝伟华 (Alvin) aka “Mentor Lam”.

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