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Roundtable dicussion on Industry 4.0

Roundtable dicussion on Industry 4.0

In our recent roundtable discussion on the emerging industry trends of Industry 4.0, a.k.a ID 4.0, we see active participations in the topics we’ve introduced to the groups and they are:

· What is Industry 4.0 and the situation of current industry.

· Benefits of Industry 4.0 and why it  is different from previous industry versions.

· The challenge and opportunities of Interoperability.

· Data Integrity and Information transparency.

· Types and implications of Technical assistance.

· The emergence of decentralization and decentralized decision-making.

· Achieving autonomous operation with very high reliability, security and stability.

· Top issues in Industry 4.0 such as cyber security breaches and human factors.

· How to use  IT Governance for stakeholders to maximize profit by reducing the production costs.Issues with Industry 4.0

· How to design IT processes for better data analytics in industry 4.0.

· Embracing IT Technology, networking, open sources and Artificial Intelligence for better outcomes.

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