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MWG Full Stack Web Developer

Want to learn the fundamentals of web development? Want to materialize your ideas into something real?  With our Full Stack Web Developer course, we’ll show you how to go from having no prior programming knowledge to creating your own beautiful websites from using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and node.js and other web development languages!

Even if you know nothing about coding or mark-up languages and want to get started in being a web developer, look no further! This programme also serves as a refresher for people who can code HTML and CSS wanting to jump into JavaScript / programming-in-general as well as node.js. All you need to do is come with an open mind and a desire to learn! 


Key takeaway:

  • Learn the basics of how web browsers work
  • Learn how to write HTML
  • Learn how to style your content to reflect your vision using CSS
  • Learn the fundamentals of programming language
  • Explore how to write JavaScript for the browser
  • Explore the basics of using the command-line for web development
  • Understand how to code JavaScript for the server using node.js and Express


Who should attend?

  • This course is meant for individuals with a passion to code, wanting to learn a new skill as a programmer or adding value to their extensive knowledge for programming.


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