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Mobile Messaging Apps Investment Course

Discover How You Can Invest in Mobile Messaging App, Reaping on the Massive Growth as The Mobile Apps Market Opens Up.

Understand about Mobile Messaging App, Comparing with other apps and how the new mobile messaging applications are going to impact the way you live, spend and earn.

Discover what are the lucrative side of Mobile Messaging App you can benefit from.

Understand How To Invest Safely through crowdfunding without investing huge amounts to build and maintain your own app to leverage from the fast growing market.

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  • Microsoft 41 Years ago
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Safe & Transparent Investment Development Projects Starting from $5,000 – $1 Million

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This is an extremely low risk and transparent investment structure. Risks mitigation mechanisms are in place to protect your investments.

Many have placed their trust in us and invested into our Crowdfunding projects.

Investors can be part of the crowdfunding projects starting from just S$5,000. Institutions are also welcome to invest in multiple developmental projects up to S$1 Million.

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Huge Shifts in Behavior is Boosting Mobile Banking in Southeast Asia!

Mobile banking has become a serious business trend as Asian consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with using mobile and related Internet channels for banking services. All of a sudden, we have Alipay, Samsung pay, Android Pay, Apply Pay, Wechat Pay, etc.

According to a report from McKinsey, the use of mobile and Internet channels for banking has increased on average more than 35 % between 2011 and 2014. The firm also noted a drop in physical banking branch usage of 27% across Asia. At a few leading banks, nearly 20% of key product purchases are now completed online.

In 2014, McKinsey surveyed some 16,000 financial consumers in 13 Asian markets and found “drastic” shifts in behavior, highlighting a serious trend: “Asian financial-services consumers are going digital, and fast.” We think that fast is an understatement.

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There are great opportunities everywhere, especially Asia. The revolution with Mobile Messaging APP is only starting with incomparable potential – The Only Place That Can Offer Realistic Returns Above 200%.

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