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The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python

The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python

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Build 11 Projects and go from Beginner to Pro in Python with the World’s Most Fun Project-Based Python Course!

Course Description

The Python Bible is the perfect Python course for beginners. Even if you have no programming experience, don’t worry because this is for people just like you.

In fact, almost 100,000 Python beginners from over 195 countries have used The Python Bible to learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language in a fun and practical way.

The Python Bible puts all the information you need in one place, with clear explanationspassionate delivery, and a series of memorable and engaging Python projects.

There’s no more hunting through YouTube, no more reading confusing blog posts. Everything you need is right here.

The Python Bible will take you from a complete beginner to mastering the fundamentals of Python in just 9 hours.

And 9 hours is the perfect length to cover all the important core topics of Python programming without leaving you behind, and without wasting your time.

We will cover each of these topics step by step, building your skills at just the right pace, and by the end of the course you will have a strong understanding of Python programming and you’ll be ready to create Python scripts on your own.

As you go through the course, you will gain practical, hands-on experience with each of the concepts by working through 11 fun Python projects. In other words, You will learn everything by actually doing it!

With world-class instruction and fun Python projects, everything you learn will stick in your head long after you’re finished (and the good memories will probably make you smile).

Whether you want to get into Data ScienceWeb DevelopmentAI, or make cool robots with the Raspberry Pi, The Python Bible will teach you the core fundamentals of Python programming so you can get started confidently on your Python programming path!

Try out the course for a full 30 days, with a Udemy-approved Zero Risk, 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Enroll in the Python Bible Now! — You’ll be glad that you did!

  1. Variables – Learn to conveniently store data in your Python programs!
  2. Numbers – Learn how numbers work behind the scenes in your Python programs!
  3. Strings – Master the written word and automate messages using text!
  4. Logic and Data Structures – Teach your Python programs to think and decide!
  5. Loops – Save time and effort, by making computers do the hard work for you!
  6. Functions – Automate Tasks by Creating your very own Python Functions that you can use over and over!
  7. OOP – Add Python to Your Resumé By Mastering Object-Oriented Programming, an industry-standard programming technique!

It’s Entertaining: No boring lectures, just me talking you through fun and useful tasks and making you laugh along the way.

It’s Memorable: You’ll learn the “why” behind everything you do, so you remember the concepts and can use them on your own later.

It’s the Perfect Length: The course is just 9 hours long, so you’ll actually be able to finish it and get your certificate.

It Goes at the Perfect Pace: You will learn the Python fundamentals at a pace tailored to beginners. This means you won’t get left behind, and won’t waste time on irrelevant filler.

It’s Practical: You actually use Python to create things. It’s not just dry theory. You can see you’ve understood because you make 11 Python projects that work!

It’s Loved: The course has thousands of five-star reviews from happy students and is rated 4.6/5.

  • All you need is a desktop/laptop and an internet connection

This course includes:

9 hours on-demand video

Full lifetime access

4 articles

Access on mobile and TV

3 downloadable resources

SkillsFuture Credit eligible *

11 coding exercises

Certificate of completion

* More than 7hr of learning time required

Course content

  • Course Structure

  • Installing Python on Windows
  • Installing Python on Mac
  • Installing Python on Linux
  • Meeting IDLE | Take a tour of the Python Interactive Developer Environment (IDE)
  • The Secret of Top Programmers...
  • A Quick Note

  • Section Overview
  • What is a variable?
  • Updating our Script
  • Variables Quiz
  • Creating Variables
  • Section Review

  • Section Overview
  • Basic Arithmetic, Floats and Modulo
  • Ordering Operations using (Brackets!)
  • PROJECT 1: Crafting a Health Potion - Part 1
  • PROJECT 1: Crafting a Health Potion - Part 2
  • Fun with the Python math Module (Optional)
  • Section Review
  • Python numbers quiz
  • Basic Algebra Coding Challenge
  • Overwriting Variables

  • Section Overview
  • Hello World!
  • Hello World!
  • Fixing Broken Strings
  • PROJECT 2: Hello You! - Part 1 - Project Overview
  • PROJECT 2: Hello You! - Part 2 - Collecting Data
  • PROJECT 2: Hello You! - Part 3 - String Formatting
  • How old are you?
  • Tell us about yourself!
  • Cool String Methods - Part 1
  • Cool String Methods - Part 2
  • PROJECT 3: Email Slicer - Part 1 - What are Slices?
  • PROJECT 3: Email Slicer - Part 2 - Automated Slices
  • Slices Quiz
  • Slicer Exercise
  • PROJECT 3: Email Slicer - Part 3 - Making the Slicer!
  • Section Review

  • Section Overview
  • Booleans & Comparison Operators
  • Comparison Operators Quiz
  • if Statements
  • If Statements Challenge
  • Python Logical Operators - Part 1 - not + and
  • Python Logical Operators - Part 2 - or operator
  • Logical Operators Quiz
  • Section Review

  • Section Overview
  • What are Lists?
  • PROJECT 4 - Travis the Ridiculous Security System - Part 1
  • PROJECT 4 - Travis the Ridiculous Security System - Part 2
  • PROJECT 4 - Travis the Ridiculous Security System - Part 3
  • More ways to add items to lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries Part 1 - What are Dictionaries?
  • Dictionaries Part 2 - Build a Rough and Ready Database!
  • PROJECT 5 - Cinema Simulator!
  • Section Review

  • Section Overview
  • While Loops
  • PROJECT 6: Baby Conversation Simulator
  • For Loops - Part 1
  • For Loops - Part 2
  • List Comprehensions
  • PROJECT 7 - Pig Latin Translator - Part 1
  • PROJECT 7 - Pig Latin Translator - Part 2
  • Section Review

Certificate of Completion

When you complete a paid Udemy course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers and potential employers. Certificates of completion help demonstrate your accomplishments, but please note Udemy is not an accredited institution, and as a result, the certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.

Please note: free courses and courses that only include practice tests do not offer a certificate of completion.

What you'll learn

Student feedback

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Stephanie Harrison

He moved very fast towards the end, but you can always pause the video. I thought the course was very good. Be sure to practice on your spare time.

Client Logo
Ralph Dequina

It's a very enjoyable course. Ziyad is a born teacher! Explanations are great. I will practice hard! Thanks Ziyad!

Client Logo
Roxanne Khan

I enjoyed the class very much and I learned a lot. But thought the last two sections went by very fast. I would of like to see more test and exercises in these sections to get a better grasp of the concepts.

Client Logo
Leon Chan

Very easy to understand with little to know confusion to what the teacher is meaning. Level is consistent throughout and there are no sudden jumps in difficulty.

Client Logo
Muhammad Amzar Bin Ahmad

The course lift off with a good combination of lecture and pop quiz or coding challenge. But in midway, the quiz or coding challenge become scarcer.

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