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The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2020: Go from Zero to Hero

The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2020: Go from Zero to Hero

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Become an expert at SQL!

Course Description

Learn how to use SQL quickly and effectively with this course!

You’ll learn how to read and write complex queries to a database using one of the most in demand skills – PostgreSQL. These skills are also applicable to any other major SQL database, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and much more.

Learning SQL is one of the fastest ways to improve your career prospects as it is one of the most in demand tech skills! In this course you’ll learn quickly and receive challenges and tests along the way to improve your understanding!

In this course you will learn everything you need to become a SQL Pro! Including:

  • Get started with PostgreSQL and PgAdmin , two of the world’s most popular SQL tools

  • Learn he basics of SQL syntax

  • Analyzing data using aggregate functions with GROUP BY commands

  • Running advanced queries with string operations and comparison operations

  • Learn to use logical operators to add logic flow to your SQL queries

  • Learn common SQL JOIN commands

  • Learn to create tables and databases with constraints on data entries

  • Learn to use Python to further advanced your SQL skills

  • and much, much more!

This is course that put’s you in control, having you set up and restore databases right at the start of the course, instead of watching someone else code. Every section comes with fresh challenge questions and tasks, modeled after real world tasks and situations.

I’ve spent years as an instructor both online and in-person at Fortune 500 companies, and this course is built to combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to learn at your own pace through an interactive environment. You will start with the basics and soon find yourself working with advanced commands, dealing with timestamp data and variable character information like a seasoned professional.

SQL is one of the most in demand skills for business analysts, data scientists, and anyone who finds themselves working with data! Upgrade your skill set quickly and add SQL to your resume by joining today!

I’ll see you inside the course!

Check out the free preview videos for more information!

  • No prior technical experience is required! All you need a computer!

This course includes:

9 hours on-demand video

Access on mobile and TV

15 articles

SkillsFuture Credit eligible *

13 downloadable resources

Certificate of completion

Full lifetime access

* More than 7hr of learning time required

Course content

  • Welcome Message
  • Introduction
  • Course Curriculum Overview
  • Overview of Databases
  • Course FAQs
  • Time to get your Computer Set-Up!
  • Windows Installation - PostGreSQL and PgAdmin with Database Setup
  • MacOS Installation - PostgreSQL and PgAdmin with First Query
  • pgAdmin Overview

  • Overview of Challenges!
  • SQL Cheat Sheet
  • SQL Statement Fundamentals
  • SELECT Statement
  • Challenge: SELECT
  • Challenge: SELECT DISTINCT
  • SELECT WHERE - Part One
  • SELECT WHERE - Part Two
  • Challenge: SELECT WHERE
  • Challenge: ORDER BY
  • IN
  • LIKE and ILIKE
  • General Challenge 1

  • Introduction to GROUP BY
  • Aggregation Functions
  • GROUP BY - Part One
  • GROUP BY - Part Two
  • GROUP BY - Challenge
  • HAVING - Challenge Tasks

  • Overview of Assessment Test 1
  • Assessment Test 1
  • Solutions to Assessment Test 1

  • Overview of JOINS
  • Introduction to JOINs
  • AS Statement
  • Inner Joins
  • Full Outer Joins
  • Left Outer Join
  • Right Joins
  • JOIN Challenge Tasks

  • Overview of Advanced SQL Commands
  • Timestamps and Extract - Part One
  • Timestamps and Extract - Part Two
  • Quick Note on TO_CHAR
  • Timestamps and Extract - Challenge Tasks
  • Mathematical Functions and Operators
  • String Functions and Operators
  • SubQuery
  • Self-Join

  • Setting up New Database for Assessment Exercises
  • Assessment Test 2
  • Solutions to Assessment Test 2

  • Introduction to Section
  • Data Types
  • Primary Keys and Foreign Keys
  • Constraints
  • CREATE Table
  • ALTER Table
  • DROP Table
  • CHECK Constraint

Certificate of Completion

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Please note: free courses and courses that only include practice tests do not offer a certificate of completion.

What you'll learn

Student feedback

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Chethan Yadav

The course is simple and easy to go , there are practicals as well as lectures , and along with that there are Exercises and solutions. Thank you , Stay Safe , Keep learning 🙂

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Uzo Anene

Good course, there were a couple of terms that were not explained but just assumed which would have made it a perfect course but all in all Jose WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL

Client Logo
Arsalan Naseem

It was really good, hope it has covered everything in SQL, since this was my ever programming course I am expecting to see similar things in other lectures and looking forward for practical application of it.

Client Logo
John Turco

Great course...delivered exactly what I was hoping for. Great content and pacing and plenty of hands on exercises. Have found all of Jose's classes to be very well organized and presented. Would highly recommend!

Client Logo
Michael Morton

As an absolute beginner, I found this to be a great way to learn SQL. Granted, I had to go through the lessons multiple times, but the format allowed for that. Thanks!

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