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Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation

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Financial Modeling in Excel that would allow you to walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one!

Course Description

Do you want to learn how to use Excel in a real working environment?

Are you about to graduate from university and start looking for your first job? 

Are you a young professional looking to establish yourself in your new position? 

Would you like to become your team’s go-to person when it comes to Financial Modeling in Excel? 

If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the right course for you!

Join over 119,002 successful students taking this course!

  • Worked in the Financial advisory unit of a top-tier consulting firm
  • Experience in transactions carried out in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland
  • Worked in the in-house Mergers & Acquisitions department of a large multinational corporation
  • Been a financial advisor in multiple M&A deals with sizes ranging from €2 million to €5 billion
  • Worked on company valuations, due diligence analysis, impairment tests, bankruptcy proceedings, cash flow analysis, and more.

Learn the subtleties of Financial Modeling from someone who has walked the same path. Beat the learning curve and stand out from your colleagues.

  • Become an Excel expert
  • Learn how to build sound Financial Models and stand out among your colleagues
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of Company Valuation
  • Build your files professionally
  • Demonstrate superior Excel skills at work
  • Be prepared from day one for your Investment Banking, Financial Advisory or Consulting career

  • Well-designed and easy-to-understand materials
  • Detailed explanations with comprehensible case studies based on real situations
  • Downloadable course materials
  • Regular course updates
  • NEW! Includes professional chart examples that are 1:1 with those used by major banks and consulting firms.

  • Be able to work comfortably with Microsoft Excel and many of its advanced features
  • Become one of the top Excel users in your team
  • Be much quicker at carrying out regular tasks
  • Be able to build a P&L statement from a raw data extraction
  • Be able to build a cash flow statement
  • Know how to value a company
  • Be able to build a valuation model from scratch
  • Know how to create a model with multiple scenarios
  • Know how to create professional and good-looking advanced charts

  • An unconditional Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee – because we believe in the quality of our content
  • No significant previous experience is needed to understand the course properly and benefit from its content
  • Unlimited access to all course materials
  • Emphasis on learning by doing
  • You can always contact us for any clarification free of charge
  • Our goal is to take your Microsoft Excel and Financial Modeling skills to the next level

Make an investment that will be highly rewarded in career prospects, positive feedback, and personal growth.

Make an investment that will be highly rewarded in career prospects, positive feedback, and personal growth. 

This course is suitable for graduates who aspire to become investment bankers as it includes a well-structured DCF model and goes through the theoretical concepts behind it. Moreover, it will encourage you to be more confident when coping with daily tasks and will give you the edge when the firm must decide whether to take you on for a full-time position. 

People with basic knowledge of Excel who go through the course will dramatically increase their Excel skills. 

Go ahead and subscribe to this course! If you don’t acquire these skills now, you will miss an opportunity to separate yourself from others. Don’t risk your future success! Let’s start learning together now! 

  • Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Excel 2016, or Microsoft Excel 2020

This course includes:

13 hours on-demand video

Access on mobile and TV

10 articles


600 downloadable resources

SkillsFuture Credit eligible *

Full lifetime access

Certificate of completion

* More than 7hr of learning time required

Course content

  • What does the course cover?
  • Bonus! Welcome gift
  • Welcome gift number 2
  • The best way to take this course
  • Download all course materials and frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Overview of Excel
  • Overview of Excel - Question
  • The Excel ribbon
  • Basic operations with rows and columns
  • Data entry in Excel
  • Introduction to formatting
  • Rows and columns
  • Introduction to Excel formulas
  • Introduction to Excel formulas - Question
  • Introduction to Excel functions 2
  • Cut, copy, & paste
  • Cut, copy, & paste - Question
  • Paste special
  • Format cells
  • Basic operations in Excel

  • Excel best practices - Welcome lecture
  • Initial formatting of Excel sheets for a professional layout
  • Fast scrolling through Excel sheets
  • Fast scrolling through Excel sheets
  • Be even quicker: F5 + Enter
  • Fixing cell references
  • Introduction to fixing of cell references
  • Alt + Enter
  • Organize your data with text to columns
  • Learn how to organize your data with text to columns
  • The wrap text button
  • Set print area
  • Custom sort helps you sort multiple columns in Excel tables
  • Create drop-down lists with data validation
  • Find and select special types of cells with Select special (F5)
  • Select Special
  • Assign dynamic names in a financial model
  • Assigning dynamic names
  • Define a named range in Excel
  • Create a great Index page at the beginning of your models - Hyperlinks
  • Introduction to custom formatting in Excel
  • Apply custom formatting in a financial model
  • Macros are a great timesaver! Here's why!
  • How to save macros and use them across several workbooks
  • Excel macros - quiz
  • Fix the top row of your table with freeze panes
  • How to search functionalities in Excel
  • Filter by color - an excellent tool
  • Working with conditional formatting
  • Useful tips and tools for your work in Excel - quiz
  • A neat trick - Multiply by 1
  • Find and replace - references
  • FAQ: Why do we replace external references and how does this help us?
  • Find and replace - formatting
  • Removing (automatic) green arrows
  • Beauty saving - The professional way of saving files
  • Formula auditing with F2

  • Keyboard shortcuts save LOTS of time in Excel
  • Keyboard shortcuts in Excel

  • Excel's key functions - Welcome lecture
  • A helpful consideration
  • Key functions in Excel: IF
  • Key Excel functions: SUM, SUMIF and SUMIFS
  • = and + are interchangeable when you start typing a formula
  • Key Excel functions: COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS
  • Key Excel functions: AVERAGE and AVERAGEIF
  • Key Excel functions: AVERAGE and AVERAGEIF
  • Work with text efficiently: LEFT, RIGHT, MID, UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, CONCATENATE
  • Work with text efficiently: LEFT, RIGHT, MID, UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, CONCATENATE
  • Working with text (continued)
  • Find the minimum or maximum value in a range of cells in Excel
  • Include ROUND in your financial models
  • Key Excel functions: VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
  • How to enlarge the formula bar
  • INDEX, MATCH and their combination - the perfect substitute for VLOOKUP
  • A great Excel technique: INDEX, MATCH, MATCH
  • INDEX, MATCH and their combination - the perfect substitute for VLOOKUP
  • Using Excel's IFERROR function to trap spreadsheet errors
  • RANK is a valuable tool when using Excel for financial and business analysis
  • CHOOSE - Learn how to render your models flexible
  • Use Goal Seek to find the result that you are looking for
  • Use Goal Seek in order to find the result that you are looking for
  • Include sensitivity analysis in your models through Data Tables
  • Include sensitivity analysis in your models through Data Tables
  • Excel's dynamic and interactive tables: Pivot tables
  • Excel's key functions and functionalities made easy

  • Exercise - Excel's SUMIFS function - unsolved
  • Exercise - Excel's SUMIFS function - solved & explained

  • Future and present values in Excel
  • Calculating the rate of return of an investment with the IRR function
  • Calculating a complete loan schedule in Excel
  • Date functions in Excel

  • Introduction to Pivot Tables and the way they are applied
  • Creating Pivot Tables easily!
  • Give your Excel Pivot Tables a makeover
  • Modifying and pivoting fields to obtain the Pivot Table you need
  • Learn more about GETPIVOTDATA - A very important Excel function

Certificate of Completion

When you complete a paid Udemy course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers and potential employers. Certificates of completion help demonstrate your accomplishments, but please note Udemy is not an accredited institution, and as a result, the certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.

Please note: free courses and courses that only include practice tests do not offer a certificate of completion.

What you'll learn

Student feedback

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Sampson Ikechukwu Ewuzie

The course was great and detailed. The examples were straight to the point and easy to understand.

Client Logo
Vanchesan Ramakrishnan

Nice modules and the lessons are easy to navigation. Hope for an wonderful experience over all! Really a lot more to learn and own!

Client Logo
Shubham Shivam

It was great learning experiences. but various lessons were more to be mugged than to learn

Client Logo
Dhanshri Saraf

Thanks a lot. Learned something new which i never thought i would be able too... the course is fun!! see you soon after completing the entire course.

Client Logo
Shubhankar Ghag

Its very informative course that helps us to apply theory knowledge into practical world by doing in depth.

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