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Introduction to Modern IT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain


The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid pace, and it is becoming an important factor for business transformation. Along with the growth of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology, professionals need to understand what these are and how they harness the power of these advancing technologies in their business.

This course will study the concept of IoT, AI as well as Blockchain. How the Internet of Things is made up of, how Blockchain & AI connect with the IoT, how they communicate with each other, and how each factor plays an essential part in adding value to data analysis. This course will also touch on how IoT optimizes processes and improves business efficiency.

By harnessing technology and undergoing an internal realignment, enterprises can position themselves to manage, even benefit from, the unpredictable. This course introduces the building blocks that can be used to construct a modern digital business and harnessing it’s capabilities to achieve better results.

The course aims to educate the participants in the basic knowledge of the Internet of Things, AI & Blockchain terminologies, structures, and their concepts making sure that participants can leverage the advanced technologies into their business decision-making process.

Key Takeaways

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Have you ever thought about Modern IT, AI & Blockchain could make your daily life easier with the help of IoT?

Wouldn’t know how to get started and how this course helps? Here is the solution for you. We’ve recorded a short preview of this course (about 1 hour) webinar video just to help you understand what’s important about Modern IT, AI & Blockchain.

Through completing this preview course, you will expand your knowledge of what was going on in the modern digital age and explain to you what Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain is, as well as how it applies to IoT. This course covered the StyleGAN algorithm used by AI to generate random endless fake faces and how companies integrated business ecosystems like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Amazon, etc. This course also covered the use of blockchain in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and why blockchain is relevant to the business. Furthermore, this course covered smart homes with AI & IoT power and why do you need digital transformation skills. Of course, we have included a bonus topic which discusses the important role of this digital transformation. Finally, we also included a few animated trainings that illustrated to you the following:

Wait! How about data security related to IoT use? Not to worry, this preview course also explained how to handle data that have been infringed with the use of IoT. We also included the most recent top 3 FAQs asked by our attendees.

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Business Technology Expert: Alvin Lam

Alvin has more than 15 years of experience in enabling technology and processes to serve businesses. With an unparalleled unique combination of business, IT and Asian multi-cultural knowledge, he has established himself as one of the most highly regarded thought leaders in Asia, specializing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Business Blockchain, Cyber Security and Forensics, IT service management, IT governance, business strategies, digital business and cloud computing.

With the experience of working with a wide variety of solution vendors and C-level executives in the private and public sectors, Alvin provides insights into business and the challenges ahead for executives in decision-making processes. He has more than 30 Professional Certifications in the areas of business, technology and life skills – a testament of an active lifelong learner himself.


“It was very evident that Alvin Lam certainly knew his stuff which is essential as a trainer. Excellent knowledge combined with an excellent patience attitude make him a very effective trainer. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!” ~ Marketing Manager at REDmoney Group

“Lam has a very calm and composed personality. One has to closely associate with him to realize his true traits; as he is extremely potent, passionate, committed and dependable in all circumstances. He is a strong proponent of ‘simplicity’ and has well adopted its virtues in both personal as well as professional spheres. To me, he is a valued ex-colleague and a good friend as always!” ~ Country Manager – Networking, Dell

“A dedicated trainer who is very well-versed with ITIL concepts and practices. He helps trainees focus on the important concepts and keeps the training likely by providing lots of real-world examples.” ~ Regional Solution Architect (APAC) at Orange Business Services, former Deputy Director, IT Applications at Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star)