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Harnessing Chatbots in Current Business


Chatbots on the mobile apps or websites are becoming a popular method to interact and service an organization’s customers. This course will guide you on how you can build & harness a basic Chatbot into your business. This course is designed for organizations wanting to build and launch a Chatbot service on their web or as a mobile service.

Completing a diversified range of tasks, AI and Chatbots have become a norm in our everyday life. This technology has played an important role in the development of various fields. With the increasing popularity of messaging and social media platforms, chatbots are now the part of business messaging. We will explore in this course the  many important advantages of using chatbots, learning how businesses can implement those chatbots to benefits business plans while improving their customer service experience.

Today’s chatbots exist in many of our everyday services. The conversational interface comes in many different types of digital formats. For example, Jamie who is on many of our government websites to answer quires when you go to their websites. A dialogue box will pop up asking if you have any questions. If you begin interacting with the chatbot, you will receive answers that has been curated from a bot’s stored knowledge to help direct you in the correct place.

This course aims to help you identify the usefulness of chatbots in our day to day lives as well as how it can improve the quality of service for businesses to enhance user and customer service experience.

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Business Technology Expert: Alvin Lam

Alvin has more than 15 years of experience in enabling technology and processes to serve businesses. With an unparalleled unique combination of business, IT and Asian multi-cultural knowledge, he has established himself as one of the most highly regarded thought leaders in Asia, specializing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Business Blockchain, Cyber Security and Forensics, IT service management, IT governance, business strategies, digital business and cloud computing.

With the experience of working with a wide variety of solution vendors and C-level executives in the private and public sectors, Alvin provides insights into business and the challenges ahead for executives in decision-making processes. He has more than 30 Professional Certifications in the areas of business, technology and life skills – a testament of an active lifelong learner himself.


“Alvin Lam is an articulate and enthusiastic exponent of Cisco training. He’s focused on the outcome and teaches demos and leads participants to actionable knowledge and productive skills.” ~ CEO, Information Domain Pte Ltd

“He is one of the best trainers I have ever met. I worked with him when my partners needed technical training. His training is very easy to understand through the training content is sometimes very complex. I want to work with him again when I have the chance.” ~ Japan General Manager at Imperva

“Lam has a very calm and composed personality. One has to closely associate with him to realize his true traits; as he is extremely potent, passionate, committed and dependable in all circumstances. He is a strong proponent of ‘simplicity’ and has well adopted its virtues in both personal as well as professional spheres. To me, he is a valued ex-colleague and a good friend as always!” ~ Country Manager – Networking, Dell