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Using the decentralized digital ledgers and smart contracts along with artificial intelligence and deep-learning machines, a new generation of e-commerce transactions will be driven in real time by the massive amount of data generated from mobile devices. Food trust for product and raw material traceability is one such area. Smartphones which are powered by Blockchain can disrupt the industry by turning smartphones into trusted sharing economy revenue nodes incentivizing users and making payments straight-forward and secure.

A Quick Message from the Group Director of MWG

Dear Potential Partner(s),

Thank you for your interest to work on Decentralized Mobile Commerce with us. Decentralized Mobile Commerce is the delegation of decision making and planning activities of centrally managed mobile e-commerce to transacting parties directly. In short, mobile commerce is the use of mobile phones and portable computers to carry out commercial transactions over the internet. The trend of mobile commerce is reported to be growing as it covers a wide range of services including online banking, information delivery and bill payment. This has enabled both ends of any commercial transaction based on the internet to make independent decisions and planning. Due to the increasing use of decentralized technologies all across the world, Decentralized Mobile Commerce will serve wider use over time and more users will consider it over all other means of buying and paying for goods and services. Furthermore, this trend has been championed by the growing use of the internet to sell and buy services from across all geographical locations.

Another major reason why Decentralized Mobile Commerce is gaining rapid adoption is because it can, in most cases, easily integrate with readily available electronic transactional platforms. The contributing factors include an increasingly mobile consumer base, rapid adoption to online commerce, improved security for all mobile commerce transactions, and technological improvements which have equipped wireless handheld devices with advanced capabilities and substantial computing ability. Over the recent years, there has been recorded growth in the use of mobile devices supporting commerce functionality directly. Having said that, there are a few remaining issues in Decentralized Mobile Commerce to solve, offering opportunities for solution providers, like us. Mobile commerce should be subsequently improved through making sure that mobile-based web pages load quickly as users will then enjoy time-saving and convenient services which are both secured and accurate. Furthermore, mobile devices manufacturers should design a wide range of affordable devices to support standardized mobile commerce features as a market strategy.

Currently, we are open to work with all good partners involving in the Decentralized Mobile Commerce revolution. If your are a conference / seminar organizer, you can even bring us in to talk to your clients. The only limit to a great partnership opportunity is your organizational imagination.

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Alvin Lam, Group Director of Massive Wisdom Group Pte Ltd, Singapore

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