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Conducted a crash course on the Professionalism in Cyber Forensics and Security

Conducted a crash course on the Professionalism in Cyber Forensics and Security

Exchanging knowledge and appreciation of the advanced theoretical and practical topics in cyber security that many security professionals have little experience with yet but are increasingly important aspects of modern computer security.

Some discussed topics include: Steganography and steganalysis, classical and quantum cryptography, design principles that underpin modern malware, design and the threat models for anonymous peer-to-peer systems, Cryptography and cryptanalysis, possible ways of detecting rootkits, Advanced computer attacks and defenses, Advanced incident response, Malware design, tools and techniques, Reversing and live analysis, Anonymous peer-to-peer systems and threat models. Biometrics, Security trends and Penetration testing. 

Some of the items discussed in this small group…

1. Evaluate the significance of laws, standards, guidelines, procedures and restrictions effecting professional activities.

2. Identify actions contrary to legal requirements

3. Relate technological outcomes to legal requirements

4. Critically evaluate legal issues and resolve them using skills in analysis, synthesis and decision-making

5. Synthesize relevant legislation and case law at national and international level

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Till we meet again 🙂

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