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Transforming PMETs to the next level of IT Services Management Expertise!

“In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others,” Deuteronomy Rabbah. I’ve been fortunate to have learned ITSM from the old masters and trained so many people in IT Service Management thereafter all these years using my common-sense-centric methodology! 

Alignment of business objectives and IT controls is both an Art and Science!

Exciting to see IT professionals preparing for a new season of ITIL deployment with new business value creation, new processes and new IT support methods. Alignment of business objectives and IT controls is both an Art and Science indeed! Previous Next Incident Management is a key element of supporting any IT-enabled organization. Focusing on the…
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Evolving IT Service Management commentaries, thoughts, experience sharing and discussions from the training room

Today, companies simply cannot afford to have less than 99% of availability on their IT systems with IT system downtime costing 26.5 billion* lost in revenue annually. Systems Management Professionals are the daily heroes who do their best to reduce IT downtime and business continuity optimal. Acquiring critical ITSM skills to align IT Services with…
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ITIL Bootcamp conducted for SMEs Engineers. Training Engineers on the ITSM frameworks

ITIL has helped many MNCs, large organization and government institutes to transform their Business and IT processes for the last 20 years plus or so. And many people are asking me if ITIL will work for small and mid-size organization… The quick answer is yes! Here are some ways ITIL (or ITSM for the matter)…
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Another batch of IT Service Management students graduating from the Professional Diploma in System Support

Why are they so happy learning industry’s best practices with real cases and working on service-level agreements? Because learning needs are fulfilled, simple as that 🙂 Lead with inspiration, not just instructions! Off to another great year, 2018!

Not your everyday IT Services Management (ITSM) training. Enhancing capabilities and resources for the enterprises

Life-long learning with a fair share of seriousness and fun applying process knowledge on work, life and relationships! Previous Next As always, I’m glad I’ve kept you guys thinking… critically. May all of you survive and succeed in this fast changing world. 🙂

A group of PMETs came to learn about IT processes and took home not just IT processes Knowledge but also life-skills to fight IT career battles ahead

I always like to include critical thinking in my trainings for 2 fundamental reasons. One, you need to apply what you’ve learned in whatever you do. Two, it keeps you alive while you are on the road of life-long learning. Having a wealth of individual work-life experiences themselves, this group of industry veterans came together…
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