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When Culture Plays a Part – A Strong Factor in Cyber Security Strategy

Introduction As we leap into a digital age where technology is prevalent in our lives, we tend to be inseparable with our digital devices. The devices we own such as our smart phones, smart watches as well computers and tablet all contain part of our lives in it. Confidential information such as our payment credentials…
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An effective and efficient way to fast-track startups in Asia

Recently we’ve conducted an in-house coaching for a group of aspiring partner CEOs and Heads of Departments on effective and efficient business model to fast-track startups in Asia and have come to a niche conclusion on what might work best for us as a group. Asking the right questions always help. Here’s the questions to…
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NTU is now ranked 1st in QS Asia University Rankings 2018 and I am proud to be an alumni

I was back in campus as an Alumni recently and was heartened to witness it’s achievements. The QS Asia University Rankings 2018 ranked NTU (Nanyang Technological University) 1st in Asia. NTU also came in overall 1st in the world in the ranking of young universities for four consecutive years in the QS Top 50 Under 50 rankings from…
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How should businesses protect themselves from DDoS?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), one of the most dreaded attacks in recent years, has managed to make many Businesses large and small into panic mode from time to time when corporate websites and application services are brought down or heavily disrupted from normal operations. Modern day botnets and attackers are no longer using a…
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How do you protect your most important enterprise data and information?

Enterprise data protection has never been so important than now. With the ever-growing size of big data volume and 24-hours-by-7-days a week business environment, protecting our data is increasingly more challenging and complex. Here’s our 3 data protection recommendations (among many others, actually) that your business should be thinking about: 1. Data Loss prevention for critical…
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MWG’s Information Security Risk Management Model

The MWG’s model of Information Security Risk Management consists of 2 parts: Information Security and Risk Management. While Information Security is concerned with the protection of Information Assets and the underlying supporting assets, capabilities and resources, Risk Management is concerned with providing the ‘right’ level of assurance to the organization.

Which is the fastest rising university?

I had the opportunity again to visit NTU as an Alumni yesterday and was heartened to see how much it has changed over the last 2 decades that now it is the world’s fastest rising University (according to Times Higher Education magazine). And yes, you guess it right, according to QS, it is now in…
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Set a Life Path Plan, Not a New Year’s Resolution…again

It’s the New Year period! I am reviewing my Mentor Life Path Plan and I am sure many of you are doing your New Year’s Resolution (or still trying to find a time to do it). What’s a Mentor Life Path Plan (MLPP) you may ask? A decade ago, I would always set New Year’s…
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