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Category: Information Technology

Successfully completed the course for another batch of avid learners on the fundamentals of computer systems!

Computer Systems Architecture, Operating Systems, Assembly Language and C Programming! All done within a cool 32 Hours! Happy students, Happy Lecturer. 20171106. Topics discussed: IT Governance. Contingencies Planning Information Security Policy Developing the Security Program Security Management Models and Practices Risk Management Personnel and Security Law and Ethics … and Common Sense!

A group of PMETs came to learn about IT processes and took home not just IT processes Knowledge but also life-skills to fight IT career battles ahead

I always like to include critical thinking in my trainings for 2 fundamental reasons. One, you need to apply what you’ve learned in whatever you do. Two, it keeps you alive while you are on the road of life-long learning. Having a wealth of individual work-life experiences themselves, this group of industry veterans came together…
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Inspiring the next generation and gotten inspired by them too!

What has Quantum Computing got to do with Fundamentals of Computer Systems? Well, a lot (if you look deep into it)… as we glimpsed into the possibilities of future computing while diving into Microprocessors, Software Structures, Quantum Computing and many other geeky IT stuff! I’ve learned a lot about the next generation’s thinking processes just…
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