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Category: Cyber Attacks

Safety at Work…From Home – Addressing Online Cyber Security Issues Working From Home

Introduction Due to the Covid-19 situation, more people are working from home & spending more time online which may be a sign that there is more opportunity for hackers to strike.In this case study, we will be looking at some of the methods in which cyber crime happens in a common place which we all…
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The Unexpected Curriculum – Case study: Information Security in Education

Introduction When we think about hackers, it most likely means any skilled computer expert who uses their technical skills to tackle an issue. While a “hacker” can refer to any skilled computer programmer, the term has been incorporated by popular culture by portraying hackers as someone who, with their technical knowledge, uses bugs or exploits…
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Who is watching you? – Safe Video Conferencing Tips

Background As we see a rise in technological popularity during this period, we are enhancing our skills to harness the need of using digital means to replace the day to day tasks we do. Tasks such as meetings and interactions are rapidly moved to online meeting platforms such as skype, zoom, and google meets where…
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The Emotet Malware – Using Covid-19 as an Opportunity for Cyber Crime

Background In 2019 December, the city of Wuhan experienced a virus with symptoms like pneumonia spreading around china like wildfire. Today, 80000 people are infected with the virus in china and other countries are experiencing the fear of getting infected by the virus. Singapore was not spared either as amidst the fear, there are cyber…
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The Stuxnet Worm – Cyber Warfare, The Invisible Weapon

Background Over 15 Iranian nuclear facilities at Natanz were attacked and infiltrated by the Stuxnet worm and an estimated number of 984 uranium enriching centrifuges were destroyed after the virus caused them to burn themselves out. Stuxnet, the first known virus to be capable of crippling hardware, is thought to be created by the United…
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A new meaning for Computer Security: Preventive ethical hacking through their way to secure IT assets.

With the malicious attacks happening worldwide in increasing numbers, it is vital to address the issue fast and regularly. Developing capabilities and securing resources are fast becoming a must in the various stages of system strategies, designs, implementations and improvements. And here we are just doing that! As for the rest, I’ll just let the pictures…
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How should businesses protect themselves from DDoS?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), one of the most dreaded attacks in recent years, has managed to make many Businesses large and small into panic mode from time to time when corporate websites and application services are brought down or heavily disrupted from normal operations. Modern day botnets and attackers are no longer using a…
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