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An effective and efficient way to fast-track startups in Asia

An effective and efficient way to fast-track startups in Asia

Recently we’ve conducted an in-house coaching for a group of aspiring partner CEOs and Heads of Departments on effective and efficient business model to fast-track startups in Asia and have come to a niche conclusion on what might work best for us as a group. Asking the right questions always help. Here’s the questions to build critical success factors we think will fast-track startups in Asia:

1. What are the pain points of our customers / of the market? Think deep and wide.

2. How can we create a self-replicable model that will enhance growth? Is our business model in trend and is it effective?

3. Do we have clarity who our customers are? Which is the target audience?

4. How can we serve a global market with less work force, empowered by internet and automation?

5. How can we achieve high valuation in the market?

Making this open, we welcome all comments to make these self-questions more accurate in building CSFs for an effective and efficient startup organization! Add on your thoughts on this.

About the author: Alvin Lam, is the CEO of Massive Wisdom Group Pte Ltd, Singapore

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