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Harnessing our Wisdom to create Massive Results for you and us.

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Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better life, wealth, and relationships, you need the best mentor to drive your vision forward. Everyone says it, but in our case, it’s true: our team is the key to our success.

We group our expertise into 3 main industries: Health, Finance and Service Businesses where we exercise our society contributions in specialized competency-based practice groups. We are a value-adding business builder and we love to make things happen.

  1. Business principles, insights and directions.
  2. Thought Leadership.
  3. Process, Service Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance.
  4. State of the art Engineering in Cloud computing, mobile development and other technologies.
  5. Sales and Business Development.
  6. eMarketing in Social Media and Digital Marketing.
  7. ABCDEFG Business Model

A Message from the Group Director of MWG

The Success Secret that you are looking for in Massive Wisdom Group of Companies are our core values.

When we first started Massive Wisdom Group, we established our core value system that would guide us through our activities and align our focus towards the future. Our core values are from our hearts, our feelings, what we want to do and who we want to be. Most importantly, we are passionate about it. Contrary to other motherhood-statements that you often see in hallways of other companies, everyone in our company knows our core values. It has been effective and efficient in guiding our activities and our undivided focus. More than ever, it has been very rewarding to see our core values define who we are, what we do as well as guiding our formation of purpose, vision and mission repeatedly.

Honesty, Universal Love, Trust, Happiness, Courage, Integrity, Responsibility and Loyalty. It is a profound, yet simple set of core values that changes the lives of ours as well as our partners. It sounds simple but to reach the pinnacle of success is the ability to make strategic alignments. Once you realize that true success is helping others reach their purpose and goals, you will join many of our partners who are enjoying the fruits of their efforts in helping others. Helping others does not mean doing it for them but rather, we skill them up with the right education from the start. It’s always much better to do the right things first than to make things right later.

Here’s the parts of the secret source:

1. Massive Wisdom Group Pte Ltd educates, develops and retains IT Talents.
2. CyberForSec Pte Ltd develops business-aligned IT that is constantly updated with the new know-how on the ground.
3. MWG Joint Venture Programme develops and support global projects.

We invite you to join us in our Partnership Programmes to make sustainable businesses meaningful and profitable by helping others reach their goals from doing great business massively.



Alvin Lam


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Harnessing our Wisdom to create Massive Results for you and us.

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