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Below are our submission guidelines for reference if you wish to write for us.

Follow this link to see our list of portals.

If you’ve written for us before and want to pitch an article, please contact us directly by emailing the us at writer[a]massivewisdomgroup.com – replacing the [a] with the @ sign.

Otherwise, if you are writing for a specific portal, email to the portal. For example, if you wish to write for Steadware.com, email to steadware[a]massivewisdomgroup.com –  replacing the [a] with the @ sign.

Your talent:

Most of our articles are written by experienced, professional freelance writers. Please do not query us if you have less than a year of verifiable experience in either your specialty or the topic on which you want to write. Currently, we are accepting articles pertaining to the type of genre relevant to each of our portal – match yours here. If you are multi-talented, you may find more than 1 match. From time to time, we will add more portals of different genres, so please make sure you check us out regularly to stay informed – the best way is to add a link back to this page from your site / blog / online page.

Your Writings:

Regarding Rights: First Electronic Rights. We also accept reprints of previously published articles if they are not published or archived online. Please note that all articles published on any of Massive Wisdom Group’s portal will remain on the portal and accessible to readers indefinitely after publication. Suggested word length: 850-1250 words per article. Usually we prefer tightly-focused, concisely-written articles around 950 words.

Your Topics:

We are always interested in interesting topics. You can write an article in any format: short or long form narrative. We prefer short form such as a List-style article: using numbers, bullets, short paragraphs, subheadings, concise language, and specific examples. We do not publish articles that are watered-down or generalized. Articles that we accept are specific: using sound, personal advice; quotes; statistics; Q&A from experts; real results; etc. to support the overall topic.

Our Terms:

You must have excellent writing skills and in-depth knowledge about what you are covering. You are writing for a wide audience. We are selective in what we publish and we consider the overall experience of the writer who wants to write collaboratively for us. Your article must be original (first to appear) and not duplicated content elsewhere. We generally do not accept articles from content mills, content marketing companies, or blogging writer writing on behalf of companies. We work with individual seasoned writers only, one-on-one. We will work with you to enhance your article with pictures,  designs, layout, etc. We will give you final approval before we make your article live at our portal(s).

There are 2 types of articles with us:

Type 1 – Ghost Writing Article where you write purely for us without a personal profile and link-back to your desired URL. We typically pay between US$5 to US$20 for each published article depending on content quality.

Type 2 – Pro Bono Article where you can attached a one paragraph personal profile at the end of the article and optionally having a link-back to your desired URL.

We may also promote your article to our Facebook Fans, our Twitter followers, subscribers of our free email newsletters, and followers of our blogs. Please note that we do not follow a strict publishing schedule.

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