Industry 4.0

Dear potential partner(s),

Thank you for your interest to work on Industry 4.0 with us. In Industry 4.0, we are seeing major systems of industrial production working together smoothly with little or no human input to achieve desired production output. This means that companies, such as those in the manufacturing industries, can enjoy full automation and data exchange. Four main components work together seamlessly to ensure the desired output in industry 4.0: interoperability, information transparency, technical assistance and decentralized decision-making. The first component, interoperability works to ensure that all the necessary aspects of the industrial processing such as people and computers communicate with each other. The second component, Information transparency gives a virtual copy of the system, which is similar to the real world. The third component, Technical assistance entails incorporating human decision-making processes. It also ensures that it assists human with tasks, which may prove to be very difficult to undertake. The Fourth component, Decentralized decision-making component of the industry 4.0 has the task of ensuring that system has the ability to make its own decisions.  These components ensure that the system is autonomous with very high reliability, security and stability with very few hitches of related to the technology.    

Industry 4.0 is the new revolution in industrial production. Industrial production has undergone four major revolutions since its inception. The first phase was mechanization, the second phase was mass production, the third phase was computer and automation and now the fourth phase is the cyber physical production systems, where industry 4.0 lies. The future of industry 4.0 aims at turning production processes into digital processes. The transformation of the key production processes in industry 4.0 ensures that the company enjoys vertical and horizontal value chains as well as product and service of the company. This way industry 4.0 ensures that the company and all the stakeholders realizes their objectives as well as maximize their profit by reducing the production costs.

Currently, we are open to work with all good partners involving in the Industry 4.0 revolution. If your are a conference / seminar organizer, you can even bring us in to talk to your clients. The only limit to a great partnership opportunity is your organizational imagination.

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Alvin Lam, CEO of Massive Wisdom Group Pte Ltd, Singapore