Data Analytics

Dear potential partner(s),

Thank you for your interest to work on Data Analytics with us. Data Analytics is a field of study which uses multiple types of data analysis. In general, it is also a process of examining large data sets to draw meaningful conclusions, usually with the use of specialized software and systems. Data Analytics innovations are widely used in commercial industries to help organizations in decisions making and for scientists to verify and disprove models, hypothesis, and theories. Traditionally, before the realization of Data Analytics, organizations used basic analytics which involved manually examining numbers on a spreadsheet to uncover trends and insights. Data Analytics initiatives can help an organization boost its revenues, optimize marketing strategies to improve operational efficiency and respond swiftly to emerging trends. In some cases, Data Analytics applications can be set to automatically trigger business actions such as stock trades by a financial services firm. The main benefits of analytics to businesses is cost reduction, making faster and informed decisions and helping companies to create new products to meet customers needs.

Today, Data Analytics is mainly conducted in the field of business-to-consumer (B2C) apps. Big organizations gather and examine data associated with the consumers, processes, business, practical experience and market economics. Data is recorded, kept and analyzed to monitor the patterns and purchasing trends. Very often, Data Analytics is also used in top-level organizational decision makings as well as in the verification and disapproval of existing models and theories. With the recent improvement of hardware and software performance, the new benefits that are brought about by Data Analytics are efficiency and speed , making instant decisions possible. This capacity to work quicker – and stay relevant – gives businesses a powerful edge they didn’t have before.

Currently, we are open to work with all good partners involving in the Data Analytics revolution. If your are a conference / seminar organizer, you can even bring us in to talk to your clients. The only limit to a great partnership opportunity is your organizational imagination.

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Alvin Lam, CEO of Massive Wisdom Group Pte Ltd, Singapore