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Roundtable dicussion on Artificial Intelligence

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Roundtable dicussion on Artificial Intelligence

In our recent roundtable discussion on the emerging industry trends of Artificial Intelligence, a.k.a AI, we see active participations in the topics we’ve introduced to the groups and they are:

· History of  Artificial Intelligence and benefits of using Artificial Intelligence.

· Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence.

· The reasons behind the use Artificial Intelligence.

· Market trends, scope and future of Artificial Intelligence.

· The core of Artificial Intelligence and the required organizational mindset.

· Artificial Intelligence and the field of Machine Learning.

· Achieving IT-Business alignment for a AI organization.

· Risks with the development of Artificial Intelligence.

· Working with IT Governance, IT processes, De-centralization, Internet of Things, and other aspects of  open IT Technologies for better outcomes.

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