CyberForSec™ Certified Cyber Crime Awareness Course

The dawn of the digital age brings about both opportunities and challenges for organizations and busineses. To address the threats and vulnerabilities of the cyber world, CyberForSec™ offers comprehensive Cyber Security awareness trainings to empower organizations and their staff to be aware of the latest cyber threats and impart them with relevant skills to implement the very best security protection practices. This exclusive CyberForSec™ Certified Cyber Crime Awareness workshop is designed to educate employees with the basic necessary knowledge of cyber threats and relevant security practices to safeguard data and information.

This half-day workshop will immerse participants in an interactive environment where they will acquire a fundamental understanding of various computer and network security threats such as identity theft, credit card fraud, online phishing scams, emails hoaxes, loss of confidential information, hacking attacks and social engineering. More importantly, these skills learnt will enable the employees to take the necessary steps to mitigate their security exposure.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how the Internet is changing the way of doing business, and the impact it has on industries, consumers, and society
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of how cyber crime works, and its impact on economies, financial structures, and businesses
  • Explore Cyber Security trends, and investigate the market disruptions caused by data breaches
  • Understand the business and technology drivers in Cyber Security applied for transformative business models
  • Gain the ability to secure your day-to-day operations and devices.

Who Should Attend

  • This course is made for users who use the internet extensively to work, study and play. Suitable for all levels of executives.


  • Half Day

Business Technology Expert: Alvin Lam

Alvin has more than 15 years of experience in enabling technology and processes to serve businesses. With an unparalleled unique combination of business, IT and Asian multi-cultural knowledge, he has established himself as one of the most highly regarded thought leaders in Asia, specialising in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Business Blockchain, Cyber Security and Forensics,  IT service management, IT governance, business strategies, digital business and cloud computing.

With the experience of working with a wide variety of solution vendors and C-level executives in the private and public sectors, Alvin provides insights into business and the challenges ahead for executives in decision-making processes. He has more than 30 Professional Certifications in the areas of business, technology and life skills – a testament of an active lifelong learner himself. Alvin also completed MIT Sloan Executive Education on Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy.


“It was very evident that Alvin Lam certainly knew his stuff which is essential as a trainer. Excellent knowledge combined with an excellent patience attitude make him a very effective trainer. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!”
Marketing Manager, REDmoney Group

“Alvin Lam was engaging, knowledgeable, and insightful in Blockchain, helping to demystify many concepts for non-users like myself.”
Director, Humz Brophy Singapore

“I personally have found Alvin Lam to be exemplary in every way. As well as his high innate competency, he has a very cooperative and congenial approach to his work and his work colleagues. This makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. The fact that we are continuing to work with him and that he is our first choice when we need a contract trainer is clear evidence of the regard we have for Alvin Lam.”
CEO, ALC Group of Companies

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